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George Chann Timeline

We are thrilled to include this detailed timeline, designed and published by Christie's. Besides the endless amount of time spent in his studio, George, like many artists, was proactive in establishing his career from the very beginning. In fact, he was very well known in his early years with many reputable museums and galleries showing his work. Over time, however, the tiresome striving for recognition became sublimated into spending more of his energy in front of a canvas, which he did throughout the remainder of his career.


Fortunately, George kept many of his correspondences and newspaper articles over the years, some of which are featured in this timeline. One name to remember, a contemporary artist  and friend of George, is Tyrus Wong who became famous for his work on Disney's animated movie, Bambi. Both of their works were featured in the 2012 Los Angeles art show "Round the Clock, which also included John Kwok, Jake Lee, and Milton Quon.

© 2014 Christie's

Selected Exhibitions:



          -Solo Exhibition, Palace of Legion of Honor, San Francisco 

          -Awarded First Prize at the Eighth Annual Alumni Exhibit at Otis Art Institute

          -Solo Exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego

          -Group Exhibition, M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco

          -Solo Exhibition, Guymaye Gallery, New York

          -Solo Exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum, becoming first Chinese artist exhibited

          -Solo Exhibition, Biltmore Art Gallery, Los Angeles.


          -Fisher Gallery, USC Campus, Los Angeles

          -Solo Exhibition, Newhouse Galleries, New York.


          -Solo Exhibition, M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco


          -Guest Lecturer at Lin Nan University, Canton, China

          -Solo Exhibition in Shanghai


          -Solo Exhibition, Saint John Cathedral, Hong Kong


         -Solo Exhibition, James Vigeveno Galleries, Los Angeles


          -Group Exhibition, LA County Art Institute, Los Angeles

          -Group Exhibition, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles

1968 - 1974:

          -Solo Exhibitions and ongoing sales, Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles


          -Solo Exhibition, State of California Governor’s Office, Los Angeles


          -250 Pieces inspired by Bible Stories donated to the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles


After his death in May, 1995:



          -Group Exhibition (Yun Gee also in show), San Francisco State

2000 – 2004:

         -Solo Exhibitions, Len & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


         -Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, China


         -Solo Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art, China


         -Group Exhibition, Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles


          -George Chann: Abstraction Contexualized, Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

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