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In this website, we wish to document a comprehensive presentation of authentic artwork by the gifted Chinese-American artist, George Chann (1913-1995). We are currently upgrading all aspects of this site with additional art work images and relevant materials, which will be added ongoing. We hope viewers will become better acquainted with the various styles of painting he developed over 60 years of his life. 

We would like to thank the generous contributions of the following people and institutions who helped this site become a reality: Christies Auction House for the Timeline originally published  in the  George Chann catalog  for the  25 May 2014  Asian 20th Century  Art Sale, Lin & Keng Gallery for providing many of the art work images from exhibition catalogs of July 2005 and April 2006, and David Liu for all his help and support, and providing additional images of Chann paintings.

We present his life's work during the decades between 1940 and 1995, and also along his two main styles of abstract and figurative works. During his career, his main focus was with his calligraphic abstract expressionism.

Please note that these paintings are not for sale from this website.


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